TTC After a Loss


U still around or heading out already?

How've u been?

Things have been really good here lately-----I look for something to happen to nose-dive that happy-high, bc that's what has happened for the past 2 yrs of my life.......but, eh---for now things look good. People are staying out of my business (for now).....we're now curious if this came about bc that girl had heard that my dh was getting the backpay$$ and was jealous.....who knows!

Re: Candycane??

  • Hey I am still here and not heading out for a couple of hours yet.

    I am doing well, I started my promotion this week so that has been fun but lots to learn at the same time.  Thank goodness the lady who I am replacing isn't retiring until March.

    I am glad things are working out.  I hope this high runs higher into a BFP later this month.  Who knows about that crazy girl but at least it has solidified your relationship with your DH.  Do you think you will avoid SIL shower or will you force yourself to go?

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  • Sorry I disappeared for a sec....dd was hungry.

    I'll probably force---literally FORCE--myself to go. I don't know yet. I dread it already. Trying to not think about it!!

    I'm hoping for a bfp. I'd love to give dd a sibling for her bday. My edd would be close to her bday. Dh and I were just talking about this----this is the last month we would've "chose" to get ku----not that u should plan things like this, but we were hoping to have an edd anywhere between April-July.......but I have truly realized in the past 2 yrs, that u can't plan life....

    It's silly when I think about "wanting a certain edd"---so silly....Confused

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