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This is my first cycle using OPKs and I'm curious if they work for you (if you use them).  [Poll]

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  • I voted Yes.  You can see on my charts that I always get a + opk before I ovulate.  However, I think taking opks is extremely annoying.  I hate to hold my pee because I usually go about once an hour during waking hours.

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  • I've never seen a + and this is my 3rd cycle using them. I do think I O'd 2 cycles ago----I had MAJOR eewcm and was on vacation and didn't test---just assumed I missed what would've been my + opt days.

    Last cycle I'm not sure I O'd.........

    We'll see if I get a + this go 'round.

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  • I feel pretty confident that they are accurately predicting when I'm ovulating. Since I don't chart, I can't say for certain, but I do consistently get my period about 2 weeks after a + OPK.
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  • i voted yes but it varies from month to month. sometimes they go positive but give me less than 24 hours notice (i know because i've been monitored with u/s the past couple of cycles).  i think though that is because i have pcos.
  • They work for me.  But if you're not charting, remember that ovulation is within 48 hours of the positive.  I always get positives about two days before I actually ovulate.
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