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Feeling terrible..

Hey all,

Went to a friend's baby shower today but I just felt terrible being there. I put on a smile and acted the part but I was definitely not there in spirit. I feel awful. I just can't fake it thought.

Anyone had this experience??? How do you deal?

Kara May

Re: Feeling terrible..

  • Don't go!  There's no need to put yourself through that.  I went to one baby shower since my m/c and that was one too many.  I politely declined several since then and don't feel an ounce of guilt.  
  • I had to cohost a baby shower for one of my best friends, whose EDD was the same as mine from pg #1. 3 weeks after losing pg #2. I actually thought hosting it made it easier b/c I had lots of do and worry about aside from the actual baby/pregnancy - flowers, food, setting up, etc. Plus, it was one of my bf's, so what else could I do? But I haven't had to go to one since, they've all been out of town. If I had to go to another one, I'd go, but make an excuse for why I had to leave early. It fvcking sucks balls. It sucks Peetie's Hallopeenie.
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  • After three M/C and an ectopic with this friend not being so thoughful it was ahrd. I didn't spend much time. It was hard to be there. She has had the "perfect" pregnancy after trying for three months. I am sad I feel like that towards her but I can't help it.
  • We all feel that way. It's totally normal. I want to brain my perfect, home-birthing, elimination-communication SIL.
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