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tonight sucks.

On of my and DH's friends called earlier to see if we wanted to go to a haunted trail tonight. DH never said yes or no. Friends called to say that they dont want to drive an hour to get to the nearest Haunted trail so now the plans are to go to their house and drink. DH asked if I wanted to do that, I said it dont matter and asked him what he wanted to do. He said he wants to get drunk. So now he is pissed off at me because I said that I didnt really feel like driving 45 minutes to their apartment for him to get drunk and have to drive him home. When he is finally ready to leave.. UGH DH is getting on my nerves tonight.

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Re: tonight sucks.

  • oh yeah that sucks.  I hate that crap.  I haven't drank in a year and I hate being the DD.  I don't want to be awake until 2am bc Dh feels like drinking.  So most of the time I just have him invite friends over.  It's pretty crappy his friends don't want to drive an hour away but expect you guys to drive 45 mins. to get to there house.
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  • grr that is frustrating.  DH and I are going out tonight and can not agree on who is going to be the DD.  I am it always but want to have fun tonight.  I hope everything works out for you, can you maybe stay the night at their place?
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