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Trouble with supply...

I only breastfed my son for his first 4 months, then introduced a couple bottles of cereal mixed with pumped milk or juice a couple times a day till he was about 6 months.

When he had just turned 6 months, I came down with a pretty severe case of shingles. Due to the medications I was on, I had to pump and dump for a week. I tried to keep it up, but by the end of the week, my supply had dropped considerably. (I was only getting about 2oz per feeding)

After I finished with the meds, I began breastfeeding again and was about to get my supply back up to about 4oz per feeding with about a 6oz feeding in the morning.

 Now, my son is 7.5 months. We introduced a few solids last month, along with his usual bottles. He seems content, but my supply has continued to drop to the point that he is basically getting just drops at this point.

My question is, is this normal? Is it my body's way of weaning? I was hoping to feed morning and night till he was a year old... but we are both getting frustrated at this point even with just that.

If we decide to give up on the nursing and just transition to other foods, should I be giving him formula? Or does the cereal, fruits, veggies, and juices that he is having now give him everything he needs?

Or... if he still needs nursing or formula, is there a way to reestablish my morning and/or evening supplies when it has dwindled this drastically? I really wanted to avoid formula if possible.

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