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Trick or Treat (AW:PIP)

I finally finished the costumes for the boys. Eli's was done along time ago (remeber the wiggles concert) but Kai's was still being finished at the last hour.


without further adu.



Dawn - Wife of Brian 09/25/2005 - Mother of Eli Jace 03/12/2007 and Kai Evan 10/17/08


Re: Trick or Treat (AW:PIP)

  • They are too cute!! Great job making their costumes :)
  • Great job Dawn, they look adorable. 
  • Great job with the costumes!   They look so cute =)
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  • I am so impressed that you made those costumes! Great job!
    Photo by J. Shelton Photography
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  • Love them! I cant wait to have two to dress up!
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    photos by J Shelton Photography
  • You're such a cool mom.  I am so impressed you made their costumes!!!  They look so happy.  :)

  • Great costumes!! I love the pirate and his parrot idea. Great job and the boys look so cute!

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