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It's been a while...and I have questions

Hi ladies!  My missed miscarriage was discovered 9/14/09 and had a d&c 9/18/09.  I just got AF 10/25.  The doc says wait at least 2 cycles.  How many of you are waiting or have waited?  I told DH I'm ready to ttc again.  I don't want to wait another cycle.  I'm 31, no kids, settled in my career...LET'S GET IT ON!!!

I have read several posts and websites with conflicting responses.  Some say start when you're ready, others say wait.  Aaaaggghh!!!

Re: It's been a while...and I have questions

  • I was told after my mc to wait 3 cycles. The only thing that I can think of is to wait until your lining is strong enough to implant. But if it isn't I don't think that the egg would implant anyway. I'm pretty sure my IRL girlfriend only waited one cycle before trying again and got KU right away.

    Good luck!

  • DH and I are no waiting till AF to TTC. However I had a natural m/c and everything passed on its own. I know most Doctors tell people who have had D&C's to wait one cycle to avoid infection. If I were you I would ask my Dr. again and explain that you are ready. Or get a second opinion, you could call other OB offices and ask them what they would advise.

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  • I'm so sorry for your loss. Just as a personal opinion, I believe that it's important to wait, so your body can heal a little bit. I know some don't and it workes out just fine. But I feel like my docs have my best interest at heart, and they tell me these things for a reason. We did not wait inbetween our second loss and this one, and I don't think that's why we lost the baby...but it's something I will always have in my heart, a little bit of guilt to carry along with the grief. I think if you can avoid that, at the price of only a couple of months, it's worth it.

    But you have to do what is right for you and your DH. Good luck, whatever you decide!

  • I had a natural miscarriage in early August and just started my 2nd cycle since then.  We have not waited.  We were careful between the m/c and the 1st cycle, but once AF showed up, we were officially back in the game.  My doctor told me that there was no real physical reason to wait - that it was really about how I felt emotionally that would dictate how soon to start again. 
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  • I was told we could start ASAP and if we waited to the first AF that would make the dating easier for a due date.  good luck!
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  • You should call your doc again and see if there is a physical reason they are telling you to wait. 

    I had a d&c on 9/23 and got my period a month after that.  I'll probably ovulate next week and we are definitely going to try.  I am very ready to be pg again.  Btw, my doctor said we did not have to wait.  that the only reason was to make sure the next pregnancy would be dated correctly.

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