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Happy Halloweeeeeen, everyone!!!

Sooo excited for tonight! T-o-Ting and then after DD goes to sleep, DH is taking me out on our 1st date since May:DDD My mom is here to watch DD and I am thrilled! What a fun-filled day!!

Anyone else with fun plans?

Re: Happy Halloweeeeeen, everyone!!!

  • We just got finished t-or-t'ing and ds LOVED it.  He didn't want to stop!  I live in a building with 33 floors and people sign up if they want kids to show up so we hit about 45 apartments- and he STILL wanted more!  It's 7pm and he never even took a nap! 

    DS was Thomas the train.  Here is a pic with the candy loot! 



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  • We went toting. Made all of our round to aunts/uncles and then inlaws at around 9pm. Got home around 10 and both girls slept wonderfully! I almost wish we had toting every night!
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