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Crockpot (clicky poll)

I know the whole idea of a crockpot is that you can leave it alone and it'll do all of the work, but I just wondered how everyone else feels about turning it on and leaving it unattended.  


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Re: Crockpot (clicky poll)

  • I'm all about leaving it sit over night, but DH is paranoid.  I just asked him about this the other day and he said he might feel better if we had a nicer one.  The one was warm, high, and low settings.  I don't know what model would make him feel better about it.  I think it was the year he had in for fire fighting that makes him worry.
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  • I just leave it on low. We have one of those nice fancy digital ones and I love it...
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  • I only ever use the low setting, and I'm always careful to place the crockpot in a location where it isn't remotely next to anything that could be a problem. I think since they're designed to sit unattended they should be trustworthy.

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