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I had the craziest dream during my nap

My mom and I were in a house I didn't recognize, and there was something about a fight over a melted icy treat, which then evolved into me screaming at her b/c she was always looking through my purse.

And then I disowned her.

Oy. VERY weird. I should learn not to take naps.

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Re: I had the craziest dream during my nap

  • I've been having wacko dreams lately too. Sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing.
  • I took a long nap today too.....

    Now w/this ache in my neck and splitting headache---wishing I hadn't. Plus it would've been a GOOD day to get a lot of cleaning done. (dd and dh were both out for over 3 hours! Never happens....and when it does, it never fails it's the day I decide to nap w/them!!)

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