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? re.Trick or Treating in your Neighborhood

How early is too early? If H'ween fell on a weekday, I would say after 6.00pm, but since it's a Saturday, or people starting out earlier than that?

Re: ? re.Trick or Treating in your Neighborhood

  • Someplaces start at 3 pm - we are starting at 4
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  • I don't think our neighborhood starts until it's dark out.  We're going at 6:30.
  • Our plan is to go to the outlet mall where I work around 4, then depending on the weather take M around our neighborhood about 6.  That way he has eaten dinner.

  • We just had our first four trick or treaters two minutes ago...so it starts at 5:30 around here!  [It was a toddler, a baby in a stroller, and two older siblings]
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