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My poor baby...

is now cutting his first tooth. No wonder he hasn't been sleeping! He is congested, coughing, covered in goo, and now...teething. Hopefully this tooth will cut through fast. Part of it is visible.

This family needs some sleep.

Pray for us that the tooth comes through fast, and that we can return to our normal sleep pattern (which is already severely lacking!!!)

The only Easter Bunny I can get behind.

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Re: My poor baby...

  • I am so sorry, big bummer.  Hope things turn around asap.
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  • Ooh, hang in there!
  • Oh poor guy! And poor mommy! Cambryn got both her front bottom teeth at the same time and she was miserable for about a week. I couldnt imagine if she was sick too!

    The teething tablets that you put under her tounge were a lifesaver. She learned what they were pretty quick cause when she was fussy and I grabbed the bottle of them she stopped crying and sat there with her mouth open waiting for it. It was pretty cute. Good luck and hopfully you will all be sleeping again soon!!

  • Poor Max. Here's to speedy teeth growing
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