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Swimming lessons ...

What's the "appropriate" age to start your LO on swimming lessons.  I wasn't going to start until after he could actually walk well but my mom is freaking out because they have a pool and they're concerned that he will fall in once he starts crawling.  I told her as long as she kept him from going outside by locking the patio door, hopefully, everything should be fine.  They are getting a cover for the pool so I though that would end her panic, but it hasn't ...

Because we live in S FL, there's water everywhere (whether it's the beach or a pool) ... so it got me thinking:

What age did you have your LO start lessons or are planning to?

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Re: Swimming lessons ...

  • I'm hoping to get us into a swim class when LO is about 6 months old.  So far, he seems to love the water, so I'm hoping he likes the pool.  Plus, not only is knowing how to swim a safety concern--with so many pools around, it is also a social skill.
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  • I recently saw a story on Nightline about Infant Swimming Resource. They teach young children how to turn themselves over in order to breathe when they're in water. It's really amazing! Perhaps there is a qualified instructor in your area? 

    Be sure to watch the video!

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  •  I plan on taking Maddie at 7 months. Then she will have had both sets of her H1N1 and seasonal flu shots.

    You can definately do it sooner, and I really wanted to, but I have decided to wait. You don't have to wait until LO can walk.

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  • I used to teach Water Tots, and some of the children were less than a year old.  We taught them really basic stuff, but it did get them comfortable in the water.

    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
  • We're going to do it at 6 mos.
  • Places around me start at 6 or 9 months.  Right now my girls are in a grea swim school and I think the infant classes start at 6 months.  We started my younger DD this summer when she was 1 year and a few months and my older DD and I took a class when she was 9 months but didn't really start lessons until she was 3 just due to timing with my pregnancy and some other stuff - would have preferred to start her sooner. The infant classes at the school we are at really focus on getting the kids comfy in the water, putting their face in, safety things and back float.  My older DD is in a classs where they learn more actual swimming but the whole back float thing is huge in all classes for the safety aspect.
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