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Where to shop for a twin bed

We need to start looking for big boy furniture for Mason.  Where would you shop at?  I already plan on checking Costco Home (or whatever it's called now).



Re: Where to shop for a twin bed

  • We are going shopping today for beds and will hit:  Ikea, JCPenny and Macy's.  Does Costco home still exist? I thought it closed a few months ago. 
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  • Santa is getting Megan one from Ikea for Christmas.  Its the white bunk style with the moon and stars tent and the bottom bunk will be her hide-out.

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  • Costco home closed but I believe it is still a large warehouse furniture store, with some of the same vendors.  Guess we will see.
  • Costco home closed?!

    I always see Captain-style twin beds on Craigslist.  Sigh, if only they made reasonable priced, solid-wood ones for queen-sized beds my life would be complete.

  • Go to your Room also has them in Bellevue.  Half their store has twin/bunks and the other half is nursery/crib furniture.
  • Ikea.

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