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Halloweens plans - what are yours?

It's cold and rainy here and we all have colds. Blah.

I think I'm going to try and dress them up in there costumes for some pics later - hope they cooperate ;)

DH is still sleeping (works nights), and is working tonight too. Boo. What a stinky Halloween. 

I can't wait until my LO's are older so I can take them out and about =)

Re: Halloweens plans - what are yours?

  • As long as it's not raining too bad we're going to attempt some trick-or-treating.
  • Exhausting, lol.  We'll leave here in a few hours to see MIL, then go to both of DH's grandmas (3 different stops).  *However*, if MIL is doing fieldwork, she will see pics, I'm NOT searching for the field she is on and then waiting for the combine to finish that round.  After the great-grandmas, we will drive to my hometown (40 minutes away, hoping that will be naptime!) to see my grandparents and then the kids trick-or-treat there.  We know a lot of the people and one street really goes all out with decorations and activities for the kids.  It's a zoo, but so fun! 

    After trick-or-treating we'll go out to eat at McDonalds or something with my mom, sister, niece, etc. then head home.  DD#1 will go back with her dad (he is busy so he let her join us even though it's his weekend) so a good friend's daughter is going to come and stay with our exhausted kids while we dress up and go out.  Friend's daughter will have an easy night, DD#2 will go straight to bed and DS will be content to play a little and watch a movie.  He'll get to have a *few* pieces of candy before we leave for home..a little treat, but don't want him on a sugar high for the babysitter, lol.

    I'm excited to go out, DH is going to be a zombie and I'm a deck hand darling.  We usually don't go out for Halloween but since it's a Saturday (so we can start the pre-trick-or-treating visits earlier), we'll be home early enough this year.  Looking forward to seeing all the costumes...we live near a college town so it should be interesting.  One year a girl dressed up as a never know what you'll see, lol.

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  • Taking lo to visit family do some trick or treating  at there houses , close neighbors , carving pumpkins at some point. Seeing it has been put off for long enough .

  • As soon as DD gets up from her nap, DH's parents and my parents are stopping by to see her in her costume.  Then we're heading over to our neighborhood party and parade with some friends.  A few of them are coming over for dinner afterward while we pass out candy to trick-or-treaters.  We're in for a fun day!  :-)

    I'm sorry you're having a not so fun day.  Hopefully you can at least get some pics (and some rest for those colds). 

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  • We are having some friends over for dinner and then we're taking all the kids trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.  Hopefully the weather holds!
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