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Tracigator / Sigkapbride - re: Shelly

Thanks for keeping us updated! Shelly is lucky to have you both.  I have been thinking of Shelly and her family and feel so helpless.

I would really like to do something. Can either you tell me where I might be able to send something like meals or Gift Card or is there anything they need for Ella? Diapers, wipes etc...I would be happy to meet you somewhere too. Anything to make things easier. Let me know. Even it is babysitting although I know they don't know me.

Re: Tracigator / Sigkapbride - re: Shelly

  • oh and feel free to email me to:

    kiersten dot sadler @ comcast dot net

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  • ditto on this!!
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  • I am seeing Traci tomorrow and we will talk about what to put together for Shelly, Ella and Tom.  The family might need meals now while they are taking care of her in the hospital.  We will post something this weekend to let you know if the plan of action. 

     Most of her family and Tom's lives in FL.  Her sister does live here.

  • Ditto on this too!  Please let me know what she needs.  Meals, things for Ella, whatever. 
  • Great, let us know and we will help out however we can. Money, meals, baby stuff, lawncare etc... i volunteer Jody to do the lawncare rake the leaves etc...j/k :)

  • Same goes for me- just let us know any way that we can help!  Here's my email...

    slwprincess at gmail dot com






  • I agree with everyone!  Email me and let me know what I can do to help! 

    noleliz at hotmail dot com


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  • Thanks so much everyone.  I'll be in touch with her sister and see what, if anything, they need right now.  They may be ok for right now and just need some help once Shelly is out of the hospital but I'm not sure.  I'll let everyone know as soon as I know anything. 
  • Please please keep us updated.  I would love to make her dinner or whatever she needs!

    kenzid at gmail dot com

  • Oh my goodness - I just got caught up on everything.  My heart goes out to Shelly and her sweet little family.  I am pretty short on time these days, but I am definitely interested in giving by money or gift cards - just whatever they need!  Please let us know!
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  • I too and just catching up.  Please let us know what they need; I'd love to help out with meals, Ella, etc.
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