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Ugh - mastitis ?

Started antibiotics yesterday. I've had a fever for about 29 hours... Anyone deal with mastitis? When should I start to feel better? I'm also doing the warm compresses, massage, etc...

Re: Ugh - mastitis ?

  • I had it- the antibiotics take a little while to start working.  Nurse your baby as much as possible, lay down and rest if possible- also I think you can take fever reducers.
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  • It took me about 2 days to really feel better. A week to totally feel like myself again.
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  • I have it right now. It's awful. I was put on antibiotics on Monday and was feeling better by Tuesday - all of my flu-like symptoms went away. However, it came back Thursday night! I realize the infection was still there, but all of the symptoms came back - fever, chills, aches. Went back to the doctor and now I am on two different antibiotics b/c they think I have a new infection in the same breast! 

    If it doesn't get better by next week, they are having me consult a breast surgeon to get it drained.  

  • Mastitis sucks! Take a Tylenol to break your fever, keep up with the antibiotics, use cool washcloths on your forehead if you are hot, get as much rest and fluids as possible and keep nursing. You should feel better within 48 hours. It's no fun, but it will pass!
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