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Need activities for 10 month old

I need to find some things to do with my DD. She constantly needs my attention and won't play alone for more than a few minutes. And since she's decided to stop taking a nap, I have even more time that I have to find something to do with her. Please help!
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Re: Need activities for 10 month old

  • just wanted to say i have the same problem.  DD will play alone for awhile and then she's at my feet - a lot - and has been that way for quite some time.  this helps me though - i have a basket of toys in almost every room of the house.  if i'm in the kitchen, she'll dig in that basket (and the cupboards/tupperware drawer).  if i'm upstairs, there's a basket in the hall.  i can then straighten up, put clothes away, etc.  it's hard, but also hard to entertain a little one.  there's only so much reading and game playing you can do.  good luck!
  • I agree with pp's basket suggestion.  When we're in one of the bedrooms upstairs folding laundry, she loves to play with the clean laundry in the laundry basket.  I just discovered her love for socks a few days ago.  :-)  I'll tip the basket on its side and let the contents kind of spill out (since she now pulls up it was kind of dangerous for her to pull up on it because it can tip over).  She loves to pull clean clothes out of it and inspect them. 

    We also have a low cabinet in the kitchen that I filled with a bunch of plastic and rubber items for her to play with while we're in there. 

    I was in the office this morning and there is a Huggies box from Costco in there with some boxes of wipes inside.  She knocked the box over and started playing in it.  :-)

    Just yesterday she pulled all of the books off of her bookshelf (it's built into the wall in her room and the bottom shelf is floor level), and she had a blast!  I don't mind having messes around the house during the day (there's a difference between dirty and messy, and I've gotten quite used to messy lately, lol).  I just try to pick it all up at night after she's in bed. 

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  • We have the books on the bottom shelf too. We just did it this week and she will lay there for an hour "reading" her books. I reccomend taking the jackets off of them though.
  • I completely concur will all PP's ideas.  

    Baskets in each room are key - I change out the contents of the baskets.  When picking up all of the toys at night, DH and I rotate the contents of the living room, office, den, and master bedroom baskets.  

    We have alphabet magnets on the filing cabinets, leap from farm something or other on the fridge, and animals on the dishwasher.

    In the kitchen, I rotate measuring cups, tupperware, spices (make cool shaking noises), wash clothes and dish towels, etc.

    Piles of pillows to navigate

    helium balloons on strings/ribbons

    flashlights shining on the walls of dark rooms

    pseudo water table - pots, pans, strainers, measuring cups, a few inches of water 

    Books books books and nesting cups, stacking rings, busy boxes, and popup toys. 

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