Toddlers: 24 Months+

Anyone have kids in a Montessori school?

Just curious how much they charge for tuition? What age is your child? In which state do you live? Thanks so much:)

Re: Anyone have kids in a Montessori school?

  • We have our girls in a toddler program at a montessori - 2 half mornings a week.  The montessori is part of a larger private school (goes all the way up through 12), but the montessori is only up to age 6, then grades 1-4 are a partial montessori program and then after that it transitions to a traditional school.

    We're looking at various programs for next year (we didn't have a ton of options for a toddler program - so we want to expand our search).  The montessori programs, I've looked at for 5 half days have a wide range of cost ($4k to $9k a year).  Full time programs have an even wider range ($5k to $15k a year).  Also, my city has montessori magnet schools, which are of course, free. 

    I live in Cincinnati, OH - which is a relatively LCOL area.

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  • the montessori here, for 2.9 to 3. is 3500 for the school year.  which is only sept-mid june.    the class is 8:30-11:15 Tues, Wed, Thur.


    Then the 4 yr old program is 5 days a week, same time frame for 4500. 


    They are closed all major holidays and no summer school/care.

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  • My kids go to a Montessori school.  They have before and after care, so kids can be there all day if needed.  They have a toddler program starting at 1 y/o that is 9 to 11:30.  Preschool starts around 3 and is 8:30 to 11:30 or 8:30 to 3:30 for full day.  By the time kids are 4, they need to go full day.  It costs about $6k to send a child there FT for 9 mos and the half day program isn't really much cheaper.  They offer summer camp there too.
  • I want to say the cost for a local school I looked at was somewhere around $8-10 K? It's part of a preK- 8 school, and there's no summer program. It didn't seem like there was much of an aftercare program either. If we didn't have to switch to a nanny for financial reasons, I would still keep DD in her daycare center rather than looking at montessori. But that's for the convience of the schedule and cost. I attended montessori school when I was little and totally loved it- I think some of the programs are great, they just don't work for our situation.
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