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shopping in washington..please help!

i just moved to washington from georgia and am expecting my second child (the last one was durring the summer months). i am desperate to find a store where i can get maternity jeans that would fit a small framed 5'9 woman! i cannot seem to find a pair longer than a 34 inseam and that is too short for me. if you know of any stores that carry jeans (not too expensive) please let me know! thanks for helping!

Re: shopping in washington..please help!

  • First of all - welcome! Hope you enjoy Seattle, it's a great area! 

    It depends on where you're at. If you're in the northend (Terrace, Edmonds, Lynnwood, Everett) the Alderwood Mall has Motherhood Maternity and I know JCPenney has a small selection, also the Old Navy at the Everett Mall has maternity clothing. There are also quite a few Target's around. Good luck!

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  • thanks for the help! i guess it would help if i put my location... we live over in silverdale, kitsap co. by the naval bases
  • The two pairs of maternity jeans I have are from Gap.  I have the opposite problem and have to order short, or have them himmed up.  The U-village and I think downtown Seattle stores sell maternity, or you can order online. I am pretty sure they offer long sizes.
  • You might have to go designer for that length.  The Bump in Bellevue Square and Village Maternight (?) in U Village carry the pricier brands.
  • Old Navy carries affordable, long maternity jeans, but they're hard to find - I would order them online. 
  • Gap is a good bet, but you'll probably have to order online.

    I know that there used to be a number of ebay sellers that would convert a pair of regular jeans into maternity jeans. That might be a good option if Gap doesn't have anything.
  • motherhood maternity carried short ones, so they'd probably carry long ones, too.

     A great maternity store is up in Victoria and Vancouver called Thyme maternity.  Great deals and good quality.  I think it's worth the trip and it's a nice excuse to get away.

    After three years TTC, four IUI's plus 2 cancelled, MFI (morph, motility, count), maternal age (40 as of 5/12) & former endo, we're moving to IVF spring 2012 (good/avg AMH and FSH). We did beat the odds once, however. DD born after 2 years TTC with clomid and no monitoring at my age 35. Doctors are SHOCKED we were able to conceive. Here's hoping for another miracle.
  • I'm 5'9" as well and had luck with Old Navy online - and way cheap too!

    I recommend getting the full panel. I got a full panel skirt which I LOVED, but in months 7/8/9 the jeans short panel tended to dent in at my tummy too hard.

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