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Everyone Else is Doing It...longish

So I am going to introduce myself too.

I have been a SAHM since July, with my first child. H works for the railroad, and he is gone all the time. He works 5 days a week (technically...I'll get to that) 14 hour days. The two days he has off are spent on his work phone or doing repairs around the house. We have an amazing relationship, even though he isn't around as much as we both would like. But we have our arguments like all couples do, mostly about our money situation.

Because he works for the RR, his schedule constantly changes every month. He will be changing to day shifts in November, working on call on Weekends...which means he sleeps when his phone doesn't ring, and that's not much. Both of us were born and raised in Ohio. He has moved 5 times since he has had this job, and he;s only been doing this for 3 years. We moved to SD from Washington. So all of our family is back in Ohio. My parents were workaholics, and I never saw them growing up. I refused to do that with Max, so I left my job. I didn't feel right leaving him at a daycare, and I wanted the chance to be there to raise him, and see all of his milestones.

But now we are nearly in over our heads. I know that we aren't the only ones, but H is taking the stress of his job and our tight money situation really bad. He wants me to get a job and I would get a part-time job, but his schedule is so impossible to work around. It's just frustrating.

But I love being a mom. I love having the opportunity to be here for Max and see how much he is growing, and what he is learning. Thanks for listening, and can't wait to get to know you all better.

Happy Halloween!

Re: Everyone Else is Doing It...longish

  • Welcome to the board!  My DH works longs days too, we own our trucking/snow plowing businesses.  With him being the boss, his phone rings all the time and somedays I'd like to bury it in the backyard, lol.  It's tough going sometimes, and I hope that you and your DH find something that works for both of you!

    Btw, cute baby Smile

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  • Welcome! 

    It sounds like we'll have a lot in common in the near future. My DH doesn't have to work those kind of hours (yet). But, he will soon because he just accepted a management position. We're both pretty nervous about the increase in his workload. 


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  • I love being a SAHM, and it sounds like you do too. That being said. I don't think it is fair to your DH or your family to SAH and give up financial stablility. If for some reason we were not able to afford our current lifestyle I would go back to work tomorrow. I know you don't want to but in your situation I would really go back to work full time.
  • Just wanted to say welcome and best of luck with your situation =) No advice except that this board is really great!
  • Welcome! 

    I admire your decision to stay with your LO even though money is tight.  It's tough.  My DH completely started over in a new career the year we conceived, so we had quite a few months where more money went out than came in the first year of DD's life.  Luckily for us, he got a better job and the pressure is (sort of) off.

    This book helped me so much.  It's not everyone's style, but I have never felt poor, no matter what our situation, since I first read it.  

    Your Money or Your Life

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