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LO fusses before latching on.. normal??

I know he is only a couple of days old but DS tends to get really upset when we start to breastfeed.  He'll start to latch on then take him self off and that repeats for a couple of minutes before he finally latches on for good to eat.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Will it go away as we go on with the whole BF thing? 

Re: LO fusses before latching on.. normal??

  • Yep, it's normal b/c it's hard work for them and the whole world is a new confusing experience.  FYI, be prepared for growth spurts if you haven't read up on them already.  I know a lot of moms get worried that their LOs aren't getting enough milk, but that's totally normal too and thought I'd put that out there since you'll be hitting one soon!  http://www.kellymom.com/bf/normal/growth-spurt.html

    P.S. What great hair your son has!  It's perfect already!

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