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BF/pumping moms...

Those of you who are breastfeeding and/or pumping, how long after your LO was born did you continue to not have a period? I have read that many moms don't get it back until they start weaning, but I was wondering what you all experienced. My DS is almost 5 months old and I'm still period free. He drinks mostly breast milk and about 4-8 oz of formula a day. Those of you who still haven't gotten it back, do any of you ever worry about getting pregnant or take a PT just to be sure? It's so weird not having that monthly confirmation that I'm not pregnant. Thanks ladies!

 P.S. I definitely don't miss it!

Re: BF/pumping moms...

  • No period here.  We are using condoms so I'm not worried about being pregnant.  I also watch my fertility signs and haven't seen any signs of ovulation.
  • I started mine 6 mos after having DS, we use condoms so no worries before for me.
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  • I just got mine at 3m pp. Totally sucks!
  • Not here yet!

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  • I got mine back at 4 months pp.  But I think part of that was I was only pumping once at work.  
  • I'm still waiting for mine also!
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