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MedelaPISA vs. AmedaPurelyYours

Hello All,

I'm trying to decide between the two pumps that I've researched.  I've read great reviews for both but would REALLY appreciate input from the bump.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can spare.


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Re: MedelaPISA vs. AmedaPurelyYours

  • I own both. Used the Lansinoh (same pump as Ameda, just different name) for the first 2 months until I bought the Freestyle, which I have used for... already 4 months! I can't believe it! I did not think I would breastfeed for that long, turns out my baby is not taking/keeping formula down... so no choice.

    I would not have lasted that long on the Lansinoh.

    The Freestyle is more comfortable over time (less soreness), quicker to clean, and handsfree which is a top requirement (I pump 4 times a days, incl at work!). Love the timer and the memory setting.


  • I haven't used either, but I've heard better things about the Ameda Purely Yours. It has an advantage that its a closed system and is OK to buy/sell used - and is WAY cheaper brand new.

    Personally I think the bra clips on the Freestyle are stupid. I didn't like Medela nursing bras and their connector are different than other bras. I was able to pump hands-free with the PISA by just tucking the flanges (boob shields) into my nursing bra flaps.

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  • SORRY, I meant PISA not Freestyle.

    Most of the bad things I heard about the Medela were related to cleaning the dang thing every friggin time/day.  I will be going back to work and I want to sustain my supply at least through 6 months...hopefully longer.

    Thanks again to anybody who wants to share their advice. 

  • I have the Lansinoh which is the same as the Purely Yours and like it so far.  I've only been using it a couple weeks and like it so far.  I bought larger flanges from Ameda and they work fine.  I also got the pump on a huge sale at so I think in terms of cost (like 1/2 of the Medela) it was definitley worth it.
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  • My LC told me that the Medela is not worth the money over the Purely Yours. I bought the PY and larger breast flanges and spend much less than the cost of the PIS.
  • I've been using the lansinoh for 8 months. I've been using it 2-3 times a day at work for 5 months and it's effective, cheap, and easy to clean.
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  • Ameda (or Lansinoh) - cheaper, it's a closed system so no worries about milk in the tubes and they have fabulous customer service.  I broke my pump and they sent me a new one via next day shipping, no questions asked.

    Ameda is cheaper not because it's an inferior product but because they don't advertise like Medela does.

  • I bought a Lansinoh but the ended up getting a PISA through insurance so I have both.  I have had nothing but problems with the Lansinoh - I don't know if mine is defective or what but the suction is terrible and it's almost impossible for me to double pump because the silicone diaphragms that make it a closed system do not function properly on mine.  Lansinoh does have good customer service and have replaced all the parts, but it is still a POS.  I was about to send the pump motor back, which I still probably will to see if that's the problem, but then I got the PISA.  IMO, there's no comparison between the two because even when the Lansinoh was functioning properly, the suction on the PISA is much stronger and more effective. 
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