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I win mother of the year award!

Wow! I started Hailey in daycare on Fridays in the mornings so I can work for a few hours. Well today was Kiahs Halloween party at school so I went in to help! I had some extra time so I ran a few errands bad idea! I locked my keys and my phone in the car. So what happens? I do not make if back in time to pick up Hailey and can not call the NEW daycare lady to tell her I have lost my mind! Plus Kiah had a half day and they have to let her off even if I am not there because she is in 2nd grade now! My poor 7 year old was a scared to death! The poor babysitter probably thought I was never coming back to pick up my baby! We are all safe and sound now! Thank God we went over with kiah what to do if something like this were to have happened! Agh! Bad mom, bad mom!

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  • You are not a bad mommy. Mistakes happen, and locking your keys in your car, with your phone, happens. It's not like you did it on purpose. And, at least you went over this with Kiah, Hailey was in a safe place, and everyone is fine. Just a life lesson. I would feel the same way as you! You are a great mom! You're just having a bad day. Seems to be in the air this week!!! ((HUGS MAMA))

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  • Oh no! But wait you left out half the story...how did you get into your car??  I think you do win best mommy because you thought ahead to go over with Kiah what to do!
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  • That is soooo not your fault.  You did great by fixing it all!  What a bad day!
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  • Tiff- there just so happen to be tripple A (cute) dude there that opened it for free! Thank god! I pulled a little flirting out today! It was really harmless and I sure he was really excited to meet me until he saw the carseats! Haha!
  • If it makes you feel any better... I didn't realize Logan had a half day today until 15 mins before I had to pick him up. School is 20 mins away. Stupid half days!! 

    Smart Kiah! What have you told her to do just in case?  

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  • Oh no I bet you were so paniced. Glad it worked out ok. Your not a bad mom not at all.

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  • Smart Mommy I would say! Kiah already knowing what to do in this situation is a fabulous idea! And hey we all do these things. My car broke down last night in a middle of an intersection & I just went into panic mode!!!

    So I have to ask, AAA is the car roadside assistance isn't it? Can anyone join? I have no idea what I would do if my DH was out of town when something happened to  the car. So I am thinking I need to look into something like that!

    Anyway glad you survived the day! 

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  • Oh no, I would be freaking out! You are an awesome mommy, totally not your fault and you did a great job preparing Kiah for the situation! So glad it all worked out okay, free AAA service and all. :)

    Newmommy74, yes, AAA is the roadside assistance. I have had it for years and once you've used it even once it is totally worth the money! And what's really nice is you are covered even if you are riding in someone else's car and that car has an issue. 

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