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I feel guilty- I just snuck some Halloween candy

I'm surprised I lasted this long, I just had two of those little Three Musketeer bars.  At least I was good all day.
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Re: I feel guilty- I just snuck some Halloween candy

  • It's ok to splurge on Halloween! :)
  • At least it wasn't a bag of Tootsie Rolls.  I *think* that's how many I ate, but I'm not sure, lol.  Doesn't help that I haven't worked out in a few days because I dropped a can of soup on my foot and smashed my toe Embarrassed  Oh well, it's Halloween and treats are good once in a while!
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  • If I didn't have the flu and didn't feel like crap, I'd have eaten every single Twix and Butterfinger my 3 kids brought home.... but thankfully my stomach turns at the thought of it.
  • You did good.  I would've polished off half the bag by now.
  • Wow you're good! I've been through a lot more than that already.
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