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Sorry your going to be alone on halloween too!  It sucks! Of all the creepy nights to be alone huh!  I hope that you have a quiet evening with no meany kids to scare you!  Its nights like that I wish Cruz would sleep in our bed with me....
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  • Whats with husbands being gone on Halloween?  Megan says her jack-o-lantern will scare bad people off! Smile
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    Steal my kids picture or pretend they are yours, I will find where you live and ship all of their dirty diapers to your doorstep. Promise. image
  • Thanks Tiff :)  I was thinking about you tonight.....I just turned out the lights and am headed to bed.  If any of those darn teenagers ring our doorbell, I'm callin the cops!

    I hope you had a nice night!  (and you too, Amus!)

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