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Hi All,

My DD has suffered with eczema since she was a baby.  I have a prescription cream I use and also use aquaphor.  My question's winter and she is getting bad flare-up's.  Is there anything you tried that works great?  The constant washing of the hands/arms has taken a toll on her and the flare-up's are BAD.  Just wondering if you have any tips that I haven't heard about.



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  • I have used Emu Oil (brand is Purple Emu) - it is for very sensitive skin too & really absorbs into the skin & does not irritate at all.  I have actually used it on my first child for different reasons when he was 3 months (recommended for scars too) but have had friends say it is great for eczema too!  Another benefit is that it is not sticky & it's all natural.
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  • My oldest son had "coin eczema". I used to get Lanolin from the pharmacy. It wasn't RX, but they had it behind the counter for some reason. It was pure lanolin, came in a tube and I just put a dab on his skin. It melted and I rubbed it in. It helped him.
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  • I've heard that Lush's "Dream Cream" works wonders on exzema.

  • DD had terrible, terrible eczema.  We tried everything under the sun and I feel terrible for it.  Eliminating dairy (and soy too since I tried that after the dairy) has controlled the eczema about 95%, but she still can get flareups mostly at her knees, elbows, and ankles. 

    We now use Calendula cream (Earth's Best or California Baby) several times a day.  It's important to moisturize within minutes of a bath (or in your case handwashing).  We use Dove soap.  For bad flare days, we have a prescription from her allergist for fluticasone proprionate cream, which works well and is nonsteroidal.  Since using the latter, we don't need to use the hydrocortisone.  We also use children's zyrtec and benedryl to reduce itchiness, as scratching makes flareups worse. 

    Figuring out the root cause of the eczema is important - an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  For DD, it's allergies. 

  • We had something that worked wonders on DD#1, prescribed by her dermatologist- she had eczema as a baby but has since grown mostly out of it.  It is called plastibase & is like vaseline on steroids.  It requires a prescription from a doc, but is not something that insurance generally pays for- it was like $80 for a pound of this stuff.  We'd slather her up at night & it seriously worked like magic.  Very worth the $$.
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