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How do you like the frog potty that you got for Eli?  Does he seem to like it & feel comfortable with it?  Would you recommend it?

Nate's showing (a very tiny bit of) interest in the potty, so I'm thinking about getting him a potty so that he can check it out.

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  • I like it, I guess.  Eli seems to like it.  He still hasn't done anything on it yet, but he will sit on it, which I guess at this point is good.  He wants to sit on the toilet though too, so I'm wondering if we should get a toilet ring too.  I read great reviews about the frog, and it's cheap.  I guess it's just hard to tell if we really like it since he's really not using it yet.  The only complaint I have is that he has a hard time getting on it himself, I have to hold his hand.  I think b/c he has to spread his legs so far to get over the middle.  So for that reason I wonder if a potty chair would be better.  But I read about those being not so great for boys, and the frog having the best splash guard.  I guess I'm not much help! 

    Eli is still very interested in the potty, and is showing good signs of being ready (or at least the beginning signs), but he just doesn't want to sit for more than a few seconds.  He won't sit on the toilet long either, so I don't think it's a problem with the frog, just that he's not quite ready yet.  I think for the price, and the great reviews it gets, it's probably a good deal.  We just haven't really been able to test it out much yet.  But I think it's good to go ahead and have one around for them to get aquainted with.


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