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any ideas for fun haloween activities?

My pooor 6 year old had swine flu this week and she had to miss her haloween party , I want to have a special day with something fun, any suggestions?


pumpkin carving too messy,,,lol

Re: any ideas for fun haloween activities?

  • DS had a great time decorating pumpkins - we used markers, stickers, pipe cleaners, etc. .

    Roast pumpkin seeds

    Bake some Halloween themed goodies

    Bob for apples (or make caramel apples!)

    We have been "practicing" trick or treating - he gets in his costume , knocks on his bedroom door, we give him candy corn. :)

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  • Poor baby! ?I always feel bad for little ones who miss the fun days at school. ?

    Some things I've done with my first graders:

    - using yarn, hang a donut (one with a hole in the middle) from a doorway at face level and let her try to eat it without using her hands

    - fill a paper bag with crushed newspaper and twist shut at the top (you'll need to add some masking tape to keep it shut) and paint it like a pumpkin and decorate

    - dip Halloween cookie cutters in paint and use to stamp pictures on construction paper

    - blow up a balloon and cover it with white tissue paper to look like a ghost; bounce it back and forth trying to keep it from touching the ground

    - ?cut out five pumpkins and five bats (or any other Halloween things) from construction paper and play tic tac toe- you can using masking tape to make a big board on the floor or a small one on a cookie sheet

    I hope your daughter feels better very soon!?

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  • Tomorrow I'm making pumpkin-shaped pancakes (putting the batter in a squeeze bottle), mini pumpkin pies, pumpkin-shaped sandwiches, and all meals will be served on Halloween plates/napkins.

    How about Halloween suncatchers? Just put glitter, sequins and tissue paper in between two layers of clear contact paper then cut to the shape you want.

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  • Make a skeleton out of Q-tips on black construction paper (my 7 year old did this in school, it was really cute). I found a link to one online

    They also blew up black balloons and attached googly eyes and took 8 long strips of black paper and folded them accordion style and attached them to make a giant spider.

    Another great site is ...tons of ideas there!

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