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Evening Fussiness

For anyone who had a baby with evening fussiness, when did it get better?  One of our girls cries on and off from 7-11 for no apparent reason.  We thought it might be gas, but it happens the same time every night.


She's six weeks now.  Any chance it will end soon?  Thanks! 

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Re: Evening Fussiness

  • My cousin had a baby that cried in the evening like clock work.  Turned out the baby had colic.  Maybe something to consider?

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  • Ohhh, you're at a really tough age. My boys started that at about the same point. It really did help to follow the stuff on the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD. Have you tried those?
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  • You are at the peak of fussiness (at least from my experience and what I have heard). I think it started to get better around 8 weeks for us. (I know that feels like forever but it will be here before you know it.) The baby bjoern was really helpful for us..
  • I heard some babies are just fussy like clock work every night whether it be due to colic or something else. Another reason is that some babies like to cluster feed in the evenings so what to constantly nurse or bottle feed. Another reason, if mom works, is that they know their mommy is home and they just want to be held. When I googled it, I found on kellymom.com that some babies just need to be cuddled a lot in the evening! I found my twins were fussy in the evening due to over stimulation. So I put them on a predictable daily schedule that includes at least 1-2 naps in their own crib with darkened windows and a bedtime routine and they have absolutely NO fussiness anymore!
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  • Yes, I think our one twin just got over it and the other one just started!  Good luck!  Mine are 6 1/2 weeks old.


  • we're in the midst of this too, only now both have started getting fussy.  Dr. said it's likely colic and not much you can do, they'll get better around 3 months.  It has been a little bit better lately.  We did try a formula change but are still on the fence as to how much it's helping. They still fuss but don't have the gas/constipation that seemed to put them in pain before.

    good luck

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  • My boys also seem to have a hard time at night..

    I have found that they seem to be extra hungry...usually they are on a 2-3 schedule, but between 8 and 11pm they can eat pretty much after 1 hour! 

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