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Do you know your toddler's butt to shoulder height?

Someone mentioned in my post below that it is surprising that my girls can still RF in Roundabouts. They are nowhere near the weight limit, but are slowly inching toward outgrowing the height limit.

However, it makes me wonder.... do my girls have oddly short torsos or something? Charlotte is the tall one (35 inches as of yesterday, which is 75-90th percentile) and her butt to shoulder height is 13+ inches (she was wiggly). The RF limit on the Roundabout is 15 inches.

Do you know your toddler's? How does it compare!

Re: Do you know your toddler's butt to shoulder height?

  • I have no idea. lol Never thought about measuring her like that.

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  • I guess the only people who would have to would be people who want to ERF :)

    Believe me, I'd never done it until today lol.

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  • i didn't know the Roundabout had a butt-to-shoulder height requirement. is that in the manual?
  • I don't, I'll I've gone off is the fact that if his head gets within 1" of the top of the seat before he hits the weight limit then I'll have to flip him.
  • Yup, it's the height requirement used by the Roundabout for RF. I assume that all of the Britax seats probably have one, but they are probably different for each model.

    My girls are not hitting the 1 inch below the top of the seat cut off that people talk about, but they are closer to exceeding the 15" butt to shoulder height limit that is actually in the manual (there is no mention of 1" from the top of the seat in the Roundabout manual that I can find).

  • there is a butt to shoulder cut off measurement for all britax seats.  ff or rf .. if they are a certain length butt to shoulder, they have outgrown the seat.  My dd is a peanut.. but she is 37.5 " at 3 1/2 yrs.  she still has a strap slot to go. she seams to have longer legs.. she and my son have similar torso lengths.. he is 2.
  • I should add my dd is in a decathelon , ds is in a boulevard... so we probably have a little more length room than those in the roundabouts.
  • Nope. We will go by the standard 1" rule. If your child has more than 1" of shell left above their head, then they have not outgrown their seat. If they don't, then its time to flip them.

    This is the standard rear-facing rule for every seat.

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