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Looking for advice: Should I schedule D&C?


I'm new here and touched by all the support that this board gives.  I'm looking for some advice.  This is my first pregnancy so I'm pretty upset.

I just had my tv u/s and the baby measured 8 weeks, but the tech was unable to see a heart beat.  The 8-weeks is pretty consistent with my hcg levels when I last had blood work done at 5 weeks (so the doctor is pretty confident that I'm 8 weeks along).  I asked if I should wait another week and come back for a follow-up u/s, but she said no.  She gave me the option of waiting to m/c naturally or schedule the D&C early next week.

So, what advice would you give?  Is there any hope to wait and find a heart beat later?  Is there any chance that a heart beat would be tricky to see at 8 weeks?  Should I just let nature take its course?  I think emotionally I'll be able to handle it, but I don't want to sit here holding out hope for this pregnancy if that's not realistic.  My dr recommended scheduling the D&C, but I told her I'd think about it and call the office back.

Thanks for your help...

Re: Looking for advice: Should I schedule D&C?

  • I am sorry. The hb starts between 5 1/2 and 6 weeks so there is really not a way the heart will start now;( I personally have had 3 mc with 3 D & E's (C's) and they are EASY (physically). The worst part is getting an IV in your arm. Seriously, I recommend it. I spotted for 2-3 days after and then got my period 4 weeks after each time (no matter how far long I was). With a natural mc...I know ladies who bled for up to 12 weeks and then waited another month to get their periods. It is too long for me plus you never really know when you will mc. I wanted to move on with my life each time and not worry about when and where I was going to pass the baby KWIM? After the surgery I cramped a very, very little and then just some bleeding the day of surgery (not a lot either) and then spotting for 2-3 days. OB gave me pain killers each time and I never took any because I didn't need them....let me say that I am usually a big baby when it comes to this stuff too. GL
  • I am very sorry.  Take some time to think over what you may want to do. It's not one of those decisions you just make quickly.  For me (with my 2nd loss), I chose to do a D&C because my body was showing no sign of having the baby leave anytime soon, plus I just wanted to get it over with and move on.  Keep in mind that even if you choose to go the natural route, you may still end up with a D&C if all the tissue didn't pass.

     The D&C wasn't hard at all, it's been after that's been tough.  It took almost 9 weeks for my period to come back, and even then it wasn't normal.  Thirty days after that, my cycle came back but I had no bleeding, so I'm not on Prometrium.  It's put a big delay in our TTC process.  I'm not trying to scare you, but I wish someone had told me this could have been a possibility when I was making my choice.  It's been hard to deal with emotionally.

    Good luck, and I know you will choose what's best for you.

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  • hi there, so sorry for your loss. {{{HUGS}}} Our OB, after telling us no hb could be found (i was 8.5 wks along), offered to schedule us for another u/s, just to confirm in everyone minds that the baby had passed before an d&e was performed. He gave us the choice of a natural m/c or d&e and we decided on a d&e. I didn't know when my uterus would 'catch on' to what had happen and finally m/c. I just didn't think I could stand that wait not knowing when it would happen so opted for the d&e. I think it was best for helping to move forward the fastest.

    so we did end up getting another u/s, there was no change and had the d&e the next day.The procedure was not to bad, physically. I was put out, it was outpatient. Had some very minor bleeding afterwards and some pretty bad cramps a few days after but heard bad cramping can happen with a natural m/c too.

    it was kind of hard going in for that second u/s but on the otherhand it did confirm to me that the baby def passed before I okay'd the d&e so it was worth it in the end.

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  • I'm sorry to hear you are going through this.  I just had the same thing happen to me.  I wanted another ultrasound to be sure in my own mind that no one missed anything.  Also, my regular OBGYN left the practice before this happened so I was now with a new doctor in the practice.  I ended up getting the second US and then switched doctors (because I was going to anyway, just had this happen unexepectedly) and went to my new doctor for a second opinion.  She also confirmed that there was no heartbeat.  She gave me the choice of natural miscarriage or a D&C.  She said with a natural miscarriage you can't be sure when it will happen and don't know how much bleeding you might have and how much cramping.  But as long as you know to keep your doctor in the loop you should be fine.  I liked that she gave me a choice, which the other doctor kind of made me feel like I had to hurry up to do the D&C which kind of made me nervous. I did end up doing the D&C with the new doctor and it was an easy procedure and I've had some light bleeding and little cramping but so far feel fine.  I have my follow up appt next week to discuss the testing they do on the tissue and when we can begin trying to conceive again.  I think it's good to have peace of mind not matter what decision you make. If you want a second US you should do it so you don't wonder about it for the rest of your life. Then you can truly begin to move forward. Good luck to you.
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