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GTG - Postponed

I haven't had many of you interested to start with(only 6), some of you have cancelled and others gave me "tentative yes", so we can just postpone it. Maybe in couple of weeks more of you will be interested.

Re: GTG - Postponed

  • Can I suggest Friday, Nov. 10th as the make-up date?  My Nov. calender is already filling up, but I'd still like to attend.

  • The 10th is a Tuesday

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  • Sorry...meant to write 20th, not 10th

  • I hardly ever post here but I wouldn't mind trying to attend a GTG.  I'd love more mom friends!
  • Nov. 20th would work for me too. If someone else wants to plan it please go ahead.
  • I can't do the 20th. I have work people coming to meet Alexis. I could do the 19th or 18th.
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  • Fri-Sun is hard for me since my DH and I have so much to do before our little one gets here in Dec but I'd love to meet up sometime.
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