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No period, no BFP, WTH?

I know there could be several reasons for this, but it is a major PITA!!!!!

I am now 6 days after missed period.  I am trying not to stress over this, but it is constantly on my mind.  All I can do is wait, I guess.  I don't mean to whine, but I am.

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Re: No period, no BFP, WTH?

  • That's exactly how I was when I got my positive test.  Maybe you ovulated late?  Either way, I hope you get good news soon-a positive test or a period.
    image Ready to rumble.
  • This is what happens to me whenever we ttc.  It's like my body wants to mess with me and I start having these really long (33-35 day) cycles.  SO annoying!  I def. feel your pain.  Don't lose hope, though.  It's not over until AF shows!  GL!

  • Like KristenB said, are you sure your not ovulating later? I ovulate on day 21 and was like this before I got my BFP with Ayden.
  • i know how you feel. i am 2 months late. 5 tests. no positives. wtf?!? (i am 99.99% sure its stress but still.. )
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