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AW: Toddler chores

I am bored senseless, so excuse the AWing.  :)  I just love Eli's age.  Eli is all about "helping".  He helps me cook all the time now.  When I say mommy needs to cook, he grabs a kitchen chair, drags it to the counter, climbs up and helps.  He helps open boxes, holds the bowl steady on the counter, throws away the trash, and will even get stuff from the fridge/cabinets (all of which requires help, but it makes him happy).  He tries to help with loading the dishwasher (usually utensils and I usually have to fix it, but he tries).  He takes small articles of clothing to the basement door, so I can take them to the laundry room.  He helps move the cat scratcher and kitchen chairs out of the way when I am vacuuming.

And my personal favorite, the other day the cats where out of food and he wanted to feed them.  I didn't ask, didn't even say anything about the cats.  In fact I had not noticed there were out of food, until he said something.  He knew where their food was too. 

Don't get me wrong it makes the chores take longer, but they are so much more fun when he is doing them with me (well most of the time).  Now if I could just get that to translate into picking up his toys, I'd be doing pretty good!  :)

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