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How do you handle your "down" days? matter how new to this T-TTC we are, we've all had those days where we just feel down.  How do you cope?


When I'm feeling mentally in control of the situation, I go for a run.

 If it's just an all around sucky day...I do the mature thing and eat...and curl up in PJs.

Re: How do you handle your "down" days?

  • Oh yeah, I'm about the same.  I go for food and junk tv.  Last cycle I rented the first season of gossip girl and got through all 18 episodes in one weekend Stick out tongue
  • Ooh definitely junk food, wine, PJs, and a good cry.
  • comfy pj' puppies...turning off our phones and cuddling in bed all day watching movies.
  • I go for a long walk, come home, drink a glass of wine and go to bed early.
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  • I put on my PJs, cry, eat some chocolate, try not to cry, watch tv, cry, get lots of hugs from my hubby, cry some more, and go to bed early.  
  • When I'm having an 'off' day, I usually prefer to be alone, watching TV or doing something else mindless. I do like to be around DH but prefer just to sulk.
  • Wine...couch, wine and more time on the couch!

  • crawl into bed, eat lots of food and cry a ton.  I also do lots of research online about everything.  Oh and sometimes when I'm having a really fun pity party I like to pop in my dixie chicks CD and listen to "So Hard" their song about the frustration of TTC and listen to it over and over as I bawl my eyes out...which is what I did this morning after I took HPT and it was of course negative. 

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