Like spending time on the Multiples Board? — The Bump

Like spending time on the Multiples Board?

Like spending time on the boards already? Want to lend a helping hand? We are looking for moderators for The Bump.  
Don?t worry, we?re not trying to change the climate of the boards.  We just want to try and minimize spam and harassment, and respond quickly when you encounter issues with the site.
In order to become a volunteer moderator, you must:

*Be an experienced poster. Nope, you don?t need all the blue squares, but you do need to be a regular poster who spends a few hours on the boards each week.

*Have a strong interest in the Multiples Board.

*Plan to stick around.  We?ll need the volunteers to commit to a few hours a week of reading and posting.

*Be accepting of others' beliefs -- even when they?re seriously wrong.

Do you fit the bill? If so, answer the questions below and email your replies to [email protected] with MULTIPLES in the subject line:

1. How long have you been active in community?

2. What board or boards are your favorites? Would you be willing to moderate any of these boards?

3. How often do you visit the boards and about how much time do you spend per visit?

4. Describe how you are already fulfilling a leadership role on your favorite board.

5. What is the best way to handle disagreements on the boards?

6. How would you like to see The Bump respond when there's a problem?

7. In the past, have you stayed neutral during heated discussions?

8. What is your username?

We greatly appreciate each and every application we get, but might not be able to respond to all of them.  If we feel you?ll make a good moderator, we?ll be in touch.

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