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When did you find out?

I have my 17 week appointment today and I was wondering when you guys found out the sex(es) of your lo's. I know my OB has a history of being able to find out at about 16 weeks but IDK if it differs with multiples or not. I assume I will be asked to come back in 3 weeks but if he can do it today, SUPER!


Thanks ladies! Wish me luck! I am hoping he can tell me for sure if its twins or trips! :-D 

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Re: When did you find out?

  • I found out at 17w1d so it's possible. Good luck!
  • We found out around 15 weeks. However, I think it's easier to tell when it's boys.

    Good luck!

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  • We found out boy and "most likely boy" at 15w (Baby A was sitting cross-legged), and confirmed boys at 17w.
  • we were given a 90% "it's 2 boys" at our NTS at 12w2d.... same with DS1 at 12w2d.... both were confirmed at 16w.
  • We were able to find out the sex at 17 weeks. 
  • We found out at 19 weeks (at our Level II u/s) 

    Good luck - I hope they can see everything!  That was an exciting night for us!

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  • We got a "guess" at 16 weeks that turned out to be correct at out "big" u/s anatomy scan at 21 weeks! ?GL!
  • I found out boy & girl at 18 weeks.  She was able to tell right away w/ no problems. 
  • I'm confused.  You don't know if you're having twins or triplets?  Why not?
  • Why do you think it might be trips?
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  • Around 13 wks, they guessed b/g twins. But at 16 wks, they confirmed that it was actually g/g twins.

    GL and pls. keep us posted!!

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  • I found out at 16w but just for one baby. Twin A was too shy...
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