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Trick or Treating - rain?

Although I'm still hoping for a miracle that the rain will hold out, what will you do with your little ones for trick or treating tomorrow night?  Right now it's an 85% chance . . .  :(

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Re: Trick or Treating - rain?

  • She will have already gone to 2 parties that day so I think we will just hang indoors if it rains.  I am still hoping for no rain too!!!
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  • Our publix is having a thing starting at 4.....that is my fall back if it is raining...well we are def going to that and if it rains, just hit maybe a couple houses.  Boo for wet Halloweens and Toddlers.
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  • Some malls are doing a halloween/trick-or-treating event. Maybe if it rains, you could do that. Not sure what we'll do. She's supposed to go trick-or-treating with all her cousins in my inlaws neighborhood. So what we do depends on the others, I guess.

    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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