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Help me think outside the box please.

I will need childcare for a training program I am starting in Jan (hopefully).  DH will be deploying while I am in training and I will need childcare for Saturdays 5:30am-10am, Sun the same...and possibly Wed nights from 5:30p-10p. 

 I checked Nanny Poppinz and unless I can get at least one other person sharing it will not be remotely cost effective at all.  That is my last ditch option.  My friends in this area work during the week and I feel funny asking, even paid, for these slots of time.

 Any suggestions?

Re: Help me think outside the box please.

  • post at a local college.
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  • Do you belong to a church? There may be people there who could help you out. I also second the recommendation to explore your local college/s.
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  • Any teenagers you trust in your neighborhood?  Our community newsletter always lists teens looking for these types of jobs.  Maybe posting in your neighborhood somehow?  We have shared mailbox stations, so that's how we post.
  • Who do your friends use? Using a friends sitter is a good idea because she'll come with references. Like a pp said, asking at church is good too.

    If you get desperate, put an ad on craigslist... You could start with a phone interview and then do a face to face interview with your top pics. In the ad say "References are a must". 

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