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Happy, but sad, today. :-(

First off--I am so super pumped, thankful, relieved, and all sorts of other good things about my job.

However, today is my last full day home with Holly. She's been in DC since she was 8 weeks old, but has been home all day with me on Fridays. I'm sad that this is our last one. :-( As long as it is part time, I will still get to pick her up from DC at 3, and have our afternoons together. But I've loved our Fridays. It has made me feel like I had a little part of what SAHM's get, as far as time with their little ones (although at times made me certain I was not cut out to be a SAHM full time! haha!).

I feel so fortunate to have been able to spend this much time with her for the past almost 10 months, and I'm trying to remember that. :-) But I'm still a little sad today.

I'm trying to make the most of today, but am drawing a blank on how to make it "special." We've played all morning, and she's down for a nap. I think we'll go have lunch together, and maybe do our favorite pasttime--walking around Target. Smile Tonight we have a Halloween party at DH's work, so that will be fun. Perhaps I can con her into snuggling with me somehow. (Oh, how I miss the snuggles from when she was "little!")

Ok, thanks. Just had to get that out. :-)



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Re: Happy, but sad, today. :-(

  • Aw, I am sure Holly loves your Friday's together just as much and at least you do have the afternoons with her still. ?I have NO idea how to make it special today, lol. ?But, enjoy your time with her and good luck on Monday!

    And I really miss the snuggles as well :(?

  • I hope you are able to find something special to do today. Enjoy!
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