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the dog and my breast pump

Last night DH and I went out for dinner with people from work. We had a great night. Come home to find out that while my mom was watching the baby, the dog snuck into the tv room and chewed on my breast pump. It doesn't work. I might kill my dog (who is not yet 2 years old, and still puppy-like. Ridgebacks typically calm down after after age 2). I burst into tears. DH is calm, saying we can get another one, he didn't know what he was chewing. Ugh, now is not the time for being rational about it. After all my BF ups and downs, we're finally settled in, producing enough milk, nursing when I'm home, and pumping at night and when I'm at work, and now this. I had a total meltdown. I'm already emotional about being back at work; I didn't need this.

Zoe already had her last feeding, so I was super engorged until 6am, when I woke her up b/c I couldn't take it anymore. I'm still sore.

The good news, the pump was free, 7 years old Medela Pump in Style, and used by one of my friends for her 2 kids and she didn't want it back b/c she's done having kids. So now I get to buy a new Pump in Style, which is still cheaper than formula for the next 9 months.

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Re: the dog and my breast pump

  • I think I'd have had a meltdown myself!  Though no one has chewed on my pump, the cat likes to "borrow" pump parts to use as toys!  It's a real pain to go to pump and my membranes are being batted around on the kitchen floor. 

  • Seriously, that's grounds for murder.
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  • That really sucks.  Way to think about it rationally though, it would have taken me a while to come around to that conclusion.
    My sweet boy :)
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  • Oh no! I would have freaked out on the dog. =( I'm glad you are feeling okay about it this morning. Maybe a new pump will work better for you!
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  • Oh no! I would have been so upset, too. But, the new pump will be nice!
  • I am so sorry. ?That stinks! ?I would have cried too.
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