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Anyone seek medical help w/ less than 6 months TTC?

I'm just so defeated at this point that I was thinking it would give me more hope to chat with my OB/GYN about this.  I feel AF cramps starting and just waiting until tomorrow or Sunday to start.  My LP is only 11 days - 10, if she comes tomorrow. I took B6 for 3 months w/o Dr's orders and didn't notice any change in LP.

I was thinking of making the appt in December and giving myself next month with using my new CBEFM.  I confess to not even opening it yet as I was hopeful that I could possibly be PG this cycle. 

I'm just discouraged with the m/c and I just think about it every day. Thoughts would be appreciated right now since DH repetitively says, "It will happen".  My thought is that he wants to avoid an SA at all costs.  Also, I'm thinking of not BDing 4 or 5 days straight next month during O time.  Let's face it, DH is 49 and those boys might not be swimming so readily right now. I'm going to try BDing every other day the week before O and then any days that read high on my monitor.

Thanks for listening!

Re: Anyone seek medical help w/ less than 6 months TTC?

  • I happened to have an appt with my PCP at 5 months of TTC.  I told her what was going on and she was ready to refer me straight to the RE.  Technically, I had 6 cycles under my belt because my cycles are short, but I don't think that made any difference.  I think it would be fine to go ahead and make an appointment with your GYN.  You are close enough to 6 months.

    BTW, my LP is also 11 days and AF is expected at my house on Sunday too.

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  • Thanks, Holly, for the recommendation.  I just realized that November would be my 6 month TTC and 4 months since the m/c.  I'm going to call and see what they say!

    Your RE wasn't concerned about your LP?  That would be good to know as I was worrying about it.

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  • Not sure how your insurance works, but I needed a referral from either my OB or PCP to see the RE.  My Ob was telling me to just relax and it will happen.  This was in April after trying a year, but having a m/c the previous August.  Ho told me I couldn't start counting months for 3-4 months after the m/c because it would take my body a few cycles to get back on track.  Confusing, I know, but basically if I had listened to his advice I probably still wouldn't be at the RE.

    I went to my PCP for the referral and made the appointment myself.

    Regarding you DH, if your concerned about his age affecting his #'s, BDing every day will not help.  He might need a day off in between to build his troops back up.

  • Thank you, Panda!  I have an appt on the 11th with the OB and see what she thinks I need from there.  I'm wanting my progesterone tested, of all things, to see if that is satisfactory.  I know how common it is to have low and I was BFing a few months ago, so that didn't help matters.

    I'm so nervous, anxious and excited about this consult with her.  I'm overly emotional as it is and hope to keep my tears at bay.  Can the 11th come sooner, pls?

  • imageJamieFL:

    Your RE wasn't concerned about your LP?  That would be good to know as I was worrying about it.

    First I saw a GYN who specializes in fertility (insurance reasons).  He looked at my chart and said as long as my LP is at least 10 days, it is fine. My progesterone was a little low at 9.6, but he wasn't concerned either. Additionally, I get incredibly sore boobs before my period which Dr. Google says is a symptom of low progesterone. So, my GYN didn't think it was an issue, but I am still concerned.  Interestingly, one of the treatments for short LP/ovulatory disfunction is clomid, but clomid actually shortened my LP by a day. 

    When I switched to the RE, we never discussed it.  Since we will be doing IVF with him, I think it is a bit of a non issue since they will be manipulating all my hormones anyway.

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  • After my m/c in May, my OB said to wait 2 months after AF and then the TTC clock would start over again.   I didn't like that timeline as I was approaching 40 (and the ladies here agreed), so I went to an RE after *technically* trying for 3 months.  I don't need a referral with my insurance, so that wasn't a factor.  I wanted to be proactive. 

    My goal, at the minimum, was to have preliminary testing done to identify any potential issues.   We were most surprised to learn that DH has issues with morphology.  If you seek treatment, they will most definitely schedule a SA.  It's good to have everything on the table so you know how best to proceed.

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  • Once again I feel like everyone's responses have been great & said everything already, I just thought to add that my R/E recommends BD'ing every other day around O (as opposed to every day) to give the little swimmers time to increase their numbers. ?
  • Thank you for these additional, helpful responses.  Every other day it is! I have a few weeks to compose my questions.  Part of me is second-guessing going before I try out the CBEFM and thinking I should go in December. 

    I'm going to discuss with DH and see what he thinks.  You girls are wonderful for sharing this!

  • I think that you should go into the RE and get things rolling as soon as your comfortable doing so.  All my OBGYN would do is 50 mg of clomid and that's it.

    I reluctantly went to the RE she referred and haven't looked back.  It was a great decision to just jump in and go with it.

    Tell your H that is probably the only thing he'll need to do in the whole process.  My OBGN wouldn't look at me twice to start Clomid without the SA.  You have to rule that out as a possible complication before anything else.  GL!

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  • Thanks, this is helpful for me too. I'm not there quite yet but am preparing that I  may  need to be in a few months.

    GL to all and thanks for all the great adivce!


  • I went to the RE after 3 months TTC.  I was 38 at the time and GYN recommended to go through the testing due to my age. Having a true diagnosis can really help shape your TTC plan (unless you are "unexplained" or just have old eggs like me).

    It took my DH a YEAR to do his SA.  Luckily, there were no issues.  He was able to "produce" his sample at home and I drove it up to the lab myself.  That made him much more comfortable than going to the office to do it there. Still, if there had been a problem, we may had wasted time not moving forward.

    Good luck Jamie!


  • My DH and I had stopped using birth control for a year to see if we'd get pregnant. We weren't giving it 100%, but if it happened, we would be more than happy. We finally tried 100% to get pregnant for 4 months in a row and nothing happened. I had a gut feeling...deep deep down that something was not right with me. I spoke to my OB/GYN who told me to actively try for a year. I decided that I didn't want to wait that long due to my age (I was 34). What if I did have a problem? I didn't want to wait a year to find that out. So, I decided to go see a RE on my own. Turns out I was right. I had PCOS and there was no way in hell that I was going to get pregnant without medical assistance. After 2 months with my RE I was pregnant with my beautiful baby boy. What if I had waited a year and it turned out to be too late. Listen to your body and do what you feel you need to do.
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