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It's not a full moon...

but I keep looking up at the sky expecting to see one!

I read a few posts down that many of our LO's are having messed up sleep this week. Mine too! Normally STTN in her crib but all week she is up 1-4 times every night. WTH?? Growth sprut? Teething? 

Are your LO's snapping out of it? Are you actively doing anything to help them sleep better that is actually working? 


P.S work was nutty this week too - I have been Bump deprived. It was so wonderful to be with Ada all day today :)

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Re: It's not a full moon...

  • Its contagious!  I'm thinking about switiching her bottles to Dr. Browns.  I figured I cannot get a burp out of her at night and every time I pick her up at night, she lets one rip.
  • I'am in the same boat as you Peeper, he wakes up a coule times a night to babble.  It hasn't gotten any better, diaper is dry, he's fed I don't know what else it could be so I just let him babble away.
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