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Sudden discomfort

I'm so grateful that my pg so far has been smooth and uneventful. I'm thrilled that the babies are healthy and I've achieved my weight gain goals. At my OB appt Tuesday I measured at 32 weeks. All was great!

All of a sudden last night I felt terribly large and uncomfortable....all within a span of a couple of hours. I was fine all day and then Bam! Since then I'm having trouble sleeping and laying down. It doesn't help that baby B is transverse and pressing into my diaphragm. I'm not complaining (yet!). I just find it strange that I went from fine to uncomfortable so quickly.

Has this happened to anyone else? Also, did anyone have to sleep sitting up? If so, when? Any suggestions on how to comfortably do this?

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  • I had had little discomforts up until now, but tonight i was at a friends sitting on the couch watching a movie they all were there at once. I had been having a little heart burn all day which revved up, and my upper back started aching and I couldn't get comfortable and my bra, which is yet again too small (I've had to buy 3 sets of new bras) was digging into my ribs under my breasts. I sat there thinking... now I see what everyone is talking about when they say they're uncomfortable. i spent the entire movie wishing I was in a hot shower or getting a massage or something else to ease the pain (although it's not all that painful, just uncomfortable). I decided tomorrow I would go buy a bra and a belly support (maybe that's what the back pain is from) and when I got home, I took some tums. 

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  • Sorry to hear about your sudden discomfort. Hopefully though you will feel well again within no time and this is just a quick phase....

    I can't complain either--I've felt blessed this whole pg without BR or any major complication, but I do remember around like week 31, thinking my luck was changing. One of them must have just sat on one of my nerves cuz my back wasn't having it...however, it thankfully went away before I knew it and I've been without stabbing pain since. So perhaps if your baby repositions (which for sure can B has done crazy moves in there up until 37 wks!) you will get some much needed pain relief.

    **At 37 wks 6 days, I treated myself to a pamper fest of a prenatal massage and a spa mani/pedi--man, did it feel good. perhaps a little pampering can temp. relieve some of your aches and pains, too?! Worth it IMO!

    Hang in're doing a great job!!

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  • For me it started around 27 weeks off and on.  Some days were uncomfortable and exhausting and then others were great.  Probably around 32 weeks it started to turn into more constant uncomfortableness and each week got a little more uncomfortable until I finally gave in and became a couch potato for most of the day.

    Now that you are getting the signs of hitting some uncomfortable times, make a list of everything you need to do before the babies get here.  That helped me be 90% ready very quickly.  Keep adding to the list as you think of things and at at least this way every time hat something is crossed off the list you will at least feel like accomplished something.  Also start carrying water with you everywhere you go so you don't get dehydrated and a small snack.  And relax whenever you can so you can save your energy for when you really need to do things.  Congrats on making it this far :)

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