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I want a sub today please

I want someone else to come to my house to clean and watch DS. DS had a cold all of last week, then DH has had the flu this week. So now, I have the flu too. And during the past two weeks, I haven't slept because the guys were sick, and so now I feel like I am dying. Our house is a disaster zone because I am slipping on keeping up with everything, especially now that I have massive body aches.

Who was it who posted about the topless housekeeper? I will hire her, and try to wrangle a discount if she gets to keep her clothes on and can come over and clean while I nap. I just needed to whine for a minute, thanks.

Re: I want a sub today please

  • Feel better soon!

    And Ben has been so whiny and clingy lately in the afternoon, I've been thinking about calling in a sub too.  

  • lmao @ topless cleaner.

    too funny.

    ugh- sorry to hear you guys are all sick and recovering. hang in there. Almost the weekend. make it a nice chill day and try to do lots of cuddling and low key activities.

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