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Ovarian cysts

I went to the RE this morning for my baseline b/w and u/s.  They found two pretty good size cysts on my left ovary.   I have been having some serious abdominal pain since the start of this cycle (Tuesday).   Kind of feels like constant constipation/cramps.  But it doesn't go away even after I go to the bathroom.

Does anyone know if the cysts can be causing this pain?  I'm getting worried that it might be something else on top of the cysts.  I left a message for my RE with the same question and will hopefully hear back tomorrow.  In the meantime, does anyone have experience with this here?  TIA!

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Re: Ovarian cysts

  • The cysts could be causing you the pain, but it's hard to say for sure. I had one a couple years ago that caused me a great deal of pain, but it did resolve on its own. I saw my doctor about it and they did the dildo cam u/s so that is how they knew.

    Like I said though, it's hard to say, since you are pretty early in your cycle. Hope you feel better soon!

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    I have had cysts on 2 occasions. I had a hard time bending forward and pain was increased when going to the bathroom. RE did b/w to see if they were estrogen producing cysts. Fortunately, on both occasions, I held off on fertility drugs for a few days, cysts resolved themselves, and I was able to proceed with my cycles.Good luck!
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  • I had similar pain that became very severe (I was doubled over and even  couldn't stand up straight). I went to the ER, and after running tests they suspected that one of my cysts burst.

    I hope your pain goes away soon. Good luck.

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  • Thanks everyone for your responses.  My RE answered me this morning and said she is concerned but not alarmed.  They did b/w to confirm the cysts are not giving off hormones so I guess that is good but right now I jsut wish there was something I could do to make this pain go away!  It is making my job (fitness trainer) very difficult!! Crying

    I hope you all have a great day!

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