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So tell me about your kindle. I was thinking about getting one for my dad for Christmas, he is an avid reader and travels a bunch so I thought it would be good for him but I'm worried about the size. 

The 6" display seems kinda small. Do the pages load quickly? And what do you like most about it and least about it?  Thanks in advance, I appreciate the info. 

I thought about getting him the larger on but that's just not in the budget.

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  • I love my Kindle.  And I was completely anti-Kindle before I got it.  It's really easy to download new books, which is great, but it's bad, because as soon as I want to download something, I spend the money on it!

    I haven't any problems with the display size.  The pages download really fast.  I like it because it's convenient, and I can bring it with me everywhere.  It's come in really handy when waiting for all of these darn doctor appointments.

    The bad things are that it's easy to go crazy downloading books and spend a ton of money.  You also can't pass your copies of books onto someone else when you're finished.  The Kindle doesn't come with a light, so I ended up buying one so I could read in the car or on planes.  I also use it when DH is sleeping and I don't want to turn on a lamp in our room.

    Some books that have a lot of graphics don't translate well to the Kindle.  Amazon is really good about giving refunds as long as you contact them within 24 hours of purchasing the book.  It's also kind of difficult to go back and forth within the book.  So, I think the Kindle is better for fiction than non-fiction or reference books.

    Having said all of this, I love it!

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