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Crap Insurance Changes

Ugh. We just got out benefits guide for next year. Open enrollment starts next week.  They changed my insurance...grrrr. The co-pays for the Dr office went up by $5. Pharmaceuticals went up $5-$15 depending on the drug.

But here are the 2 that really tick me off. The lifetime maximum for fertility treatments was cut in half to 10K. I know I'm still happy there is something but geez. And hospital admissions are going from $350 per admission to 90% coverage with an oop max of $1500/$3K (family).  grrrr.  Having my little monster just went up by a whole lot more.  Stupid company changing benefits and that is less benfits for more money.  Blah.

Don't get me wrong I'll pay every penny for this LO but I'm still mad it is going to cost a whole bunch more.

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Re: Crap Insurance Changes

  • our benefits were not cut, but the amount we contribute increased 50% - ick!

     my company also offers 10K max for fertility treatments. booooo! 

  • That stinks too.  Last year there were no raises. And in addition to our increase in insurance costs our retirement benfits were cut.  I sure hope for a raise this year just so I can get to where I was before. geez.
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  • I'm with you!  DH works for the federal government and we get no coverage for IVF or IUI.  Luckily they've covered all my testing, but not DH's sperm analysis' ($150 each).  It seems like the costs for us keep rising for everything but our salaries and benefits sure aren't!!!



  • That sucks. Same thing for us, paying more in premiums, more in co-pays, more in deductibles, etc. More $$ for less coverage. Seems like it is happening everywhere...
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    Sorry Mexine, insurance can really be a pain in the a$$ sometimes.
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